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Espre ORGINAL blend contains a selection of the finest African and Central American coffees.  The carefully selected blend is of a medium/dark roast bringing a full bodied taste to a smooth cup of espresso coffee with the perfect crème.

It is hard to surpass the enjoyment contained in a cup of fresh Scottish Coffee made from Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans. It can help kick off the day or simply let you relax and unwind a bit. Sourced from world plantations and perfected in Scotland, Esprè is amongst the best you will find.

Cappuccino, Latte and a whole range of other choices made with Esprè Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans will certainly satisfy the coffee cravings of your most discerning customers.

The Rich & Strong aroma of Scottish Coffee, will literally tickle the tip of your nose and as the scent wafts throughout your premises, your customers will surely be stimulated to place orders for your freshly brewed coffee. Once they try out Esprè ORIGINAL, they are bound to become greater coffee lovers than ever.

Esprè ORIGINAL - Excellent Scottish Coffee - Enjoy the Trip...

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