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Shadow 11 coffee machines to rent Shadow 12 Coffee machines to rent

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Shadow 11 coffee machines to rent Shadow 12 Coffee machines to rent

Posters A2 594 x 420 mm (hover over the design)

For Coffee Lovers

Served As You Like It

Price List

For Coffee Lovers 2

Pavement Signs (hover over the design)

Served All Day

Great and Fabulous

Fresh Coffee Beans

Banners 183 x 61 cm (6’ x 2’)                       Head over to the shop and see how you can customize them

Coffee Shop Open Now

Menu Covers A4 297 x 210 mm centre folded to 297 x 105 mm (hover over the design)

Serve What You Like

Promotional coffee posters and banners



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Chalkboard Stencils Get the message across quick and simple

Coffee Stencils Diameter - 80, 90, 100 mm  Thickness -  2 mm  Material - food safe plastic

Coffee Stencil Waves Coffee Stencil Peacock tail bloom Coffee Stencil Bunny Bunny Rabit Coffee Stencil sitting cat Coffee Stencil lucky irish clover Coffee Stencil Clubs Coffee beans stencil Coffee Stencil number one dad Coffee Stencil Daisy  Fleu de lis Coffee Stencil Football Coffee Stencil Happy face coffee stencil Love heart coffee stencil Coffee Stencil horse blooming lily Coffee Stencil number one mum Coffee Stencil Coffee Stencil musical note Happy face Coffee Stencil Snowflace Coffee Stencil Shining star Coffee stencil star coffee stencil Swirling coffee stencil xmas tree coffee stencil

Waves                         Bloom                         Bunny                         Cat                              Clover                          Club

Coffee Bean                Dad                             Daisy 1                        Daisy                           Fleur-de-lis                 Football

Happy                          Heart                          Horse                           Lily                             Mum                            Music Note

Smily                           Snowflake                  Star 1                          Star                             Swirls                          Tree

Make your messages stand out with a professional looking sign. Using a custom made chalkboard stencil, ensures consistency and accuracy with logos and branding being easy to reproduce, even fancy fonts look great with the assistance of these easy to use stencils.

Once we receive your completed details along with attached artwork we will contact you via email with details on pricing options and suggestions.

Our chalkboard stencils are made from a quality robust easy-clean polyester material. They are generally used with chalkboard marker pens, chalk sticks, crayons and marker pens.

An example on the right shows the general layout for a A3 chalkboard stencil. Simply send us your designs by using our online quote form

Stencil template

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Your own designs can also be cut for one stencil or for as many as required. Prices are quoted individually on receipt of copy.

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Perfected in Scotland

Very Excellent Coffee

Sit In or Take Away

Open For Business

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